Whit's Picks, Vol. 1 Now Streaming

Whit's Picks, Vol. 1 is now available for streaming! A curated collection of live recordings hand picked by Whit Hawkins III, this 9 track official release highlights some of the best Lettuce moments from 2015 and 2016.

"What started as two track recordings from my monitor console for self critique quickly morphed into a nightly listening party on the bus when the band heard me playing them backstage. Each night the band and crew would critically listen and push each other to new heights the next night using my recordings as a catalyst. Whit's Picks Vol. 1 represents some of our collective favorite moments from those runs born from a shared passion to push the funk as far as we could. Be on the look out for Vol 2!" - Whit Hawkins III



1 Blast Off (Live 10/20/15 Omaha, NE)

2 Last Suppit (Live 10/21/15 Lawrence, KS)

3 Nyack (Live 10/25/16 St. Louis, MO)

4 Trillogy (Live 10/17/15 Eureka, CA)

5 Squadlive (Live 1/22/16 Boston, MA)

6 Chief (Live 1/22/16 Boston, MA)

7 Harmonic Jam> Slippin' Into Darkness (Live 10/21/15 Lawrence, KS)

8 Elephant Walk> Madison Square (Live 10/24/15 Placerville, CA)

9 Do It Like You Do (Live 10/20/15 Omaha, NE)

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