Launch Of ‘Lettuce CBD’ by Jack Rabbit Hill Farm

Genre-defying Grammy-Nominated music titans Lettuce have officially revealed their latest project - a biodynamic hemp flower oil created with a simple formula: biodynamic hemp flower rosin and biodynamic olive oil. Shop and learn more HERE.

Jack Rabbit Hill Farm is an organically certified farm in Hotchkiss, CO. It is biodynamically farmed, and owned/operated by Lance Hanson. They have been producing some of the highest quality wines, spirits, and ciders for almost 2 decades and have now partnered with Lettuce to get their hands in the CBD game. Each bottle is 2oz at 1000mg CBD and other phytocannabinoids, 16mg CBD per serving. There is nothing else added or removed at any point in the process. Lettuce CBD by Jack Rabbit Hill Farm is naturally full spectrum and demeter certified biodynamic®, the platinum standard for regenerative-organic farming & food processing.

Eric Bloom explains, “The farm itself is beautiful and picturesque, set high in the ‘North Fork Valley’, away from all the hustle and bustle of the cities. Getting the chance to work with people so dedicated to their craft AND the environment is a dream come true for us. We hope you get a chance to take a ride up there to farm, say hi to Lance for us.”

“Please enjoy the miraculous healing benefits of our new biodynamic hemp flower oil! It’s a non-chemical natty vibe.” exclaims Erick ‘Jesus’ Coomes.

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